Kamagra is produced and placed on the market by the Indian company Ajanta Pharma, which has over 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector and is particularly involved in the preparation of generic drugs.

100% Healthy

The product can be used for the rapid treatment of male impotence which is a disease that in many men creates psychological and physical discomfort and can also cause many other problems as well as damage the personality of the men and undermine the life of the couple.

Long Lasting

Once it is ingested acts in about an hour and then works up to 5 hours later. So you can easily take it before getting home, and seeing the results immediately after.


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How does Kamagra work?

Kamagra if taken in the recommended doses can help a male subject to easily overcome sexual problems and thus enjoy a completely satisfying penile erection. Having said that, it is nevertheless necessary to add that before ingesting the drug some of the rules and precautions must be carefully observed. The erection, in fact, occurs when the excitation signals are sent from the impulses of the brain to the nerves, which then allow the blood to enter abundantly into the cavernous tissues of the penis, allowing the latter to reach the top from the point of view of the erection. In fact, the greater the blood flow, the more the arteries tend to dilate allowing an excellent and lasting erection which usually vanishes immediately after reaching the ejaculation). Kamagra is therefore a vasodilator that acts as a blood flow stimulant by inhibiting the negative action of a known enzyme present in the natural process of Phosphodiesterase, which is the molecule most likely to create problems with male erection.

How should Kamagra be taken?

The Kamagra once it is ingested acts in about an hour and then works up to 5 hours later, which means being able to take it comfortably at home and maybe later have sex later in a different place such as a hotel room. with an occasional partner or with his girlfriend. Unlike what is believed, Kamagra is not used to give stimulation, so those who want to get it and want to make the drug work 100% can perhaps use toys or adopt some typical tricks that consist in touching and being touched in turn the erogenous zones of the body. This preliminary makes sexual intercourse even more exciting. intense and lasting.

Possible side effects of the drug

Talking to your doctor is important before using Kamagra 100 or any other formulation of the product; in fact, you should not take advantage of it that you can easily buy online and without a prescription and then take it at will. The professional, in fact, must be warned if there are any health problems that may affect the success of the treatment based on Kamagra 100 and at the same time cause further physical damage. The doctor will therefore need to know the disorders of the blood cells, make a history of a heart attack or stroke, check for heart and kidney disease, a stomach ulcer, high or low blood pressure and liver disease. In all these cases and in many others, the doctor can decide whether to completely eliminate the Kamagra tablet or dose it day by day based on the above-mentioned physical condition of the patient.

Interactions to be avoided

Kamagra 100 and other derivative formulas of the Kamagra oral gel drug should not be combined with other products that contain nitrates such as erythromycin, some medicines for the treatment of high blood pressure, nitrogen-based and antifungal products. These are just some of the drugs that cannot interact with Kamagra 100, so asking your doctor helps you learn more and make sure you benefit from the treatment without incurring serious side effects.

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Hello, I’ve taken kamagra for 15 years and am very satisfied. My wife enjoys it very much. Cannot recommend it enough, try it for yourselves and you won’t regret it, that I can promise.

Mark B.

CEO, Invision Inc.

Kamagra as a tablet or as a gel (jelly) works for me relatively quickly tablet about 30 min gel about 10-15 min. Holds as tablet about 5-6 hours and as gel about 3-4 hours. Causes me longer stamina and a harder erection.

John Jacobson


Very easy to take, tear up the bag and put oral jelly in your mouth, then swallow. If necessary, drink water or other beverage afterwards. Very nice results, exactly as advertised!

Ben Miller

Store Manager, Walmart Inc

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